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Golf is more than just hitting a ball around a course, and there is so much more that goes into it. I want to help you discover these other aspects, so we can improve your golf game as a whole.


What is Performance Coaching?

This is coaching that is personal to you & your goals.

This type of coaching is more than just swing coaching, it is a type of coaching that covers all aspects of the game of golf necessary for players to improve their game. Technique, mental game, strategy, practice plans & more….

What does Abbey Gittings Performance Coaching include?

*Firstly, you can choose as many of the below aspects as you wish to work on from the plan.


  • 24/7 swing analysis

  •  Stats analysis

  •   Personalised Practice plans

  • Mental Coaching

  • Strategy planning

  • Goal setting & managing lifestyle

  • Free entry to monthly Zoom Webinars

  • 24/7 Support system





Benefits of Online Performance Coaching


Designed for you

Bespoke plans that meet you where you are now and progress you to your end goal along a pace that suits your lifestyle


24/7 Support

An “open all hours” 24 hr support system to give you the coaching & support you need to reach your goals.


Keeping Track

Weekly Check in to see how things are going, and if there are any things we can change for the following week. Progress can only be known if we have a way of monitoring it, plus by using stat data we are able to see which areas we need to work on.


Access anywhere in the world

Whether you are an avid home club golfer, a touring golfer, or someone who is travelling for their job. Wherever you are we can help you to improve your game.

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