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“Lessons with Abbey are Informative and joyful. She is not only great at teaching but also very good in explaining the art of golf. I like the fact that a woman taught me golf! In a small period of time she got me ready to play on the course. She is highly recommended.

I had a Playing lesson with Abbey At Marbella Golf & Country Club, and I cannot recommend Abbey enough. A warm friendly welcome when i arrived, and the on course lesson was great. Abbey was very informative and gave easy to understand coaching tips.
Would definitely recommend Abbey if you are looking for Golf coaching on the Costa del Sol

 I came to Spain to enjoy an intensive golf training course . After the third day under the best guidance of an excellent trainer, (who with much love and patience against the constant stress of this beginner) I have the golf fever! I am now ready to be let loose on the golf course alone

Having worked in professional sport at the highest levels for more than 20 years, I can honestly say, after a year of lessons, that Abbey's ability as a coach is incredible. Her eye for the right advice at the right moment and her ability to communicate it are both at world class levels and complemented by a faultless technical knowledge of the game. Every lesson built towards incredibly quick results and with the knowledge that further improvements would be forthcoming (and swift) under her tutelage. Would very much recommend Abbey to anyone at any stage of their game whether it's starting from scratch or fine tuning. Our kids absolutely adore Abbey as well and therefore buy into everything she has taught them too!

Without any prior experience, we took 10 hours (5x2h) of lessons with Abbey. Even prior to starting our lessons, we had already received a schedule of which day we would be learning what, showing a very professional approach to her teaching. She introduced us to the many technicalities little by little, without any information overload. Due to the variation in all exercises, every lesson was different and was always fun. On the last day we went to the golf course together to play three holes (giving us a ‘real’ feel to how it’s like to play golf). After all lessons were complete, we not only feel able to go golfing on our own, but we also discovered what fun it can be to play golf. As Abbey is not only an outstanding teacher, but also a warm and fun person to be around, I can wholeheartedly advise her as a golf teacher to anyone seeking training in and around Marbella.

Abbey is fantastic. We were so lucky to have her recommended to us. She is such a wonderful teacher as well as a lovely person and a joy to be around. I had lessons in my twenties but I never found a teacher that sparked a love of golf for me. Ten years later we found Abbey and I have to say I’m totally hooked now. She mixes up lessons so they are never repetitive and boring. She explains things logically and simply so that you can apply tips easier. I’ve improved after only six or so lessons with her. She also teaches my husband and has taught my two children as well. We all think she is fantastic.

Abbey is an excellent golf coach. She analyses your game very quickly and breaks down improvements into simple, small bite size tweaks to fix one problem. Once you have that, she moves onto the next area of improvement. So you get clear, uncomplicated tuition rather than too many things all at once, Cannot recommend highly enough.

Clear, practical coaching delivered with friendly encouragement that makes the whole learning process interesting and fun. Abbey is a committed, consummate professional .

An amazing experience! She helped me improve my swing a whole bunch and also really helped me with the aiming! Good teaching techniques and very fun.

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